Company Profile

WEICHU is developed by a top team which is included designers and markers. With eyes on the future international market, we support the latest products and satisfying customer service for our clients.

WEICHU is presence in China can effectively adjust its sales and supply to perfectly synchronize with the latest industry trends. Along with  knowledgeable sales reps and responsive support personnel. WEICHU provides its customers speedy and flexible services.

Under the spirit of global teamwork and the complete sharing of knowledge, WEICHU will become your most reliable partner. WEICHU was funded in Taiwan in 2003 year. WEICHU is specialized in Multimedia processing, transmission, as well as surveillance system. WEICHU has three major product lines; Digital camera (USB accessories), LED projector (LED peripherals) and security/surveillance products.

WEICHU products have been distributed to customers in more than 30 countries. We are looking for more global partners to join us!!


Management Strategies and Cultures

If a company wants to continue operative in the market, they must reforms and reorganized the management strategies. By these methods, the company will avoid being eliminated by the market. This is mainly because of trends; timing, customer needs, and also the competition appear in the market.

Besides, staff's practical education and professional training, can makes some new creations on the product's quality to let customers feel satisfy with the products. In addition, it also can increase efficiency on the production to reduce man power wages to give a better profit for company.

Creative is the main forces for the company to have an indication in the market. Therefore, a company needs to have new information, technologies, and also new innovation products for facing and survive on the stressing and fully competition market.

The IT industry is a glorious future industry. Therefore, involved in this field to create a remarkable and innovation computer peripheral and accessories products is the goals and vision for our company.



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